Benefits of Ballast and Bulb Replacement

If you’re looking for ways to trim your business’s operating costs, you may want to consider changing out your bulbs. Did you know that 35% of your building’s energy usage comes directly from your lighting? At My Santa Ana Electrician Hero, we help businesses find the right commercial lighting solutions to reduce cost. With so many bulb combinations and lighting options, it can be hard to figure out which is right for you. We can help you with commercial lighting basics and beyond! No job is too tiny or too complex for our electricians.

Commercial Lighting Is Not Like Residential Lighting

The biggest mistakes that companies make is thinking that all lighting is the same. It’s not. The lighting you use in your home isn’t nearly as effective as specially-designed commercial lighting. Whether you have a factory, a warehouse, or even a retail location, you need precise commercial lighting options and fluorescent light ballast replacement.

Commercial lighting isn’t just for looks. It’s meant to save you money. For example, is your building using commercial ballasts? This type of lighting is used with fluorescent bulbs to prevent overheating and frequent burnouts. Continuously replacing bulbs can get expensive, especially if you’re using residential fluorescent bulbs. These commercial bulbs with ballast support help lighting last longer.  Also, with proper installation, commercial lighting solutions can minimize interference with electronic and protect against fire threats.

Choosing the Best Bulbs for Your Business

One lighting choice you need to make is what kind of bulbs you want. Our licensed electricians in Santa Ana can go over your options and provide you with expert recommendations. Below are the most popular commercial lighting options.

Fluorescent (CFLs)

  • Most common commercial lighting
  • Produce 1/3 the amount of light as incandescent, but last 10x longer
  • CFLs can easily replace incandescent lights that are in standard light sockets, making it easy to switch
  • Fluorescent lighting does contain mercury and should always be disposed of properly. Ask your local electrician about this process.


  • Available as general service/standard, reflectorized, and xenon
  • Older technology that is not as efficient as other lighting options
  • Found in older buildings that have not upgraded their lighting design


  • 2x more efficient than incandescent
  • Produce a bright light
  • Most effective as parking lot, security, or stadium lighting

HID/Metal Halide

  • High-intensity bulbs
  • Have a long lifespan
  • Produce bright light in large quantities
  • Best for use in warehouses or industrial buildings due to the intensity


  • Most efficient of all commercial light bulbs
  • Lasts 30x-50x longer
  • Uses 75% less energy than incandescent

How Can I Tell If I Need Knew Lights?

Buildings update their security systems and install new computer equipment frequently. Lighting doesn’t always get the same attention until you’re working in the dark. Here are some signs that you may need to call an electrician in Santa Ana to help you formulate a new commercial lighting design.

  • Lights frequently flicker or seem to dim
  • Lights are cracked
  • Light bulbs burn out frequently
  • Light bulbs or lighting fixtures are making noises
  • You’re no longer able to achieve the same brightness
  • Energy bills are getting higher and higher

Other reasons to call My Santa Ana Electrician Hero to speak with a lighting specialist include the desire to upgrade to longer lasting bulbs, to reduce energy consumption, or a preference for a different shade of lighting.

At My Santa Ana Electrician Hero, our goal is to help you get the most bang for your buck out of your commercial lighting. From track and accent lighting to industrial lighting and festive holiday displays, we do it all. Call us today to set up a free consultation! We’ll send a lighting specialist to your building to evaluate your current setup and make energy-efficient recommendations that will work well for years to come.

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