In Santa Ana We Are House Rewire Experts

Getting an entire home rewiring job done is a big investment. To get a house rewire job done right and in a way that makes sense, it pays to call the experts who are right in the Santa Ana area. At My Santa Ana Electrician Hero we are locally owned and operated and that means we can get there fast and get the residential wiring removed and installed fast and right. We pride ourselves on being the most qualified and affordable licensed electrician in Santa Ana, CA.

Why do we need a home rewiring?

We need to do one because older forms of residential wiring in older homes cannot handle the demands of modern day life. Today we use equipment and appliances that require a greater power demand than in olden days. That demand on knob and tube, aluminum wiring,  and cloth-wrapped Romex wiring can cause the wires to fray and break and that can cause a fire behind the walls of your home.W

What about two-holed electrical sockets?

Older wiring also usually is indicated by electrical sockets that have two holes instead of three. That means the house is not grounded, which is what that third prong is fore. That means that every time you plug something into that socket, or use an adapter, there is a greater risk of electrical shock, which can lead to electrical emergencies.

How does it work?

We show up with the most qualified electrical contractor around. They have the equipment and training to get the job done right. They work one room at a time and behind the existing walls. That means no shutting off the power for the entire home and absolutely no need to tear down the walls.

Costs and time

The costs and time can vary depending on the size of the job and the amount of residential wiring that needs to be replaced. It can take as little as a few days and as long as a few weeks.

What happens first?

The first thing we need to do is get to your home to give you a free estimate for home wiring in Santa Ana, CA. So call us today!