How a Commercial Electrician Can Benefit Your Business?

In general terms, an electrician is someone that works with electricity. But, there are different types of electricians for different types of projects. While a residential electrician works mainly on houses, work performed on office buildings, factories, or retail stores is done by a commercial electrician. Businesses have varied demands for their projects, making it essential that a qualified, commercial electrician from Santa Ana is hired to help these businesses with their electrical needs.

Strategic, Expert Planning

Commercial electricians do more than just run wires and hook up outlets. Most projects require strategic planning to decide how the miles and miles of wiring will be incorporated in the building’s infrastructure. Commercial electricians create electrical plans, showing where all the wires will travel to. Most local codes require these wires to travel through a specific conduit to protect the wiring from tampering and decay.

The conduit also helps guide the wiring around corners, preventing snags that can tear the insulation. Depending on the size and purpose of the building, the wiring may run from the circuit panel to hundreds of different outlets. Different electrical loads require different size wires, too. A main circuit breaker may run larger load lines to each floor or office, where individual circuits are created and wiring runs to the outlets.

Data Transfer Considerations

With the continual advances in electricity, electricians have more wiring to worry about than ever before. In the early stages of the Internet, everyone had to use a dial-up connection to access online information. But, as technology advanced, faster computers were created that required faster data transfers. Electronic information now has dedicated wiring that transfers it from place to place. There are two types of data cables; copper that still transfers the data as an energy pulse and fiber optic cable that uses light to send information.

Efficiency Energy Consumption

In a turbulent economy, everyone is trying to save money wherever possible. This includes business owners. Did you know that in a typical office setting, nearly half of a company’s utility bill is affected by the lighting in the building? This means that business owners need energy efficient lighting choices that commercial electricians can help them choose from.

There are many great LED applications for commercial lighting that can save money as well as advanced timers that can turn the lights off at the end of the day. Many businesses also use motion sensors instead of light switches to limit usage even during work hours. Commercial electricians can even automate the whole building, including lighting, HVAC and general usage. Many businesses have begun looking at solar panels as a way to supplement their energy use. A commercial electrician in Santa Ana can help you make the right choices for your budget and energy needs.


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