A transformer is an electrical device tasked with monitoring voltage and dispersed current. It regularly increases or decreases voltage and current to ensure safe and efficient voltage is getting to your home or business. Whether you have a pad mounted transformer or custom transformer, My Santa Ana Electrician Hero, is ready to help you with transformer repairs, installation, and troubleshooting. For all your installation, repair, or commercial transformer maintenance needs, call your local commercial electricians in Santa Ana today!

We Service All Commercial Transformers

There are many different types of commercial transformers. Each one has its own maintenance and installation needs. Below is some information about the various transformers that many of the commercial buildings in Santa Ana are equipped with.

Liquid-Filled Transformers

  • Versatile – used in numerous kinds of industrial and commercial settings
  • Can be used outdoors or indoors
  • Outdoor transformers are filled with mineral oil
  • Indoor transformers use high fire point fluids

Dry-Type Transformers

  • Used in industrial settings
  • Expensive cable runs are not necessary since these transformers can be installed near the electrical load
  • Low operating and maintenance costs

Cast Coil Transformers

  • Great for handling overvoltages, thermal and electrical stress
  • Long lasting
  • Require little maintenance
  • Transformer not affected by airborne contaminants and moisture
  • Best locations for cast coil transformers include: auto plants, medical plants, pul and paper factories, food and beverage buildings

Step-up & Step-down Transformers

Simple transformers that regulate voltage transferred.

Pad Mounted Transformers

·      Best for underground power distribution systems
·      Found in restaurants, schools, retail, and office buildings
·      Flexible, contemporary design

Isolation Transformers

  • Best used in situations where equipment needs to be isolated from power source for safe operation.

Toroidal Transformers

  • Frequency doesn’t change when electricity from one circuit to another occurs
  • Circular formation prevents electromagnetic interference
  • Unique type of transformer

Custom Transformers

  • Designed to meet a building’s individual power needs

Buck Boost Transformers

  • Great for lighting application

When you’re ready to update your building’s transformers, give My Santa Ana Electrician Hero a call. We guarantee superior service, outstanding performance, and customized solutions.


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